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Best Cardiologist Doctor in Godhra

Heart ailment sufferers can find solution to their problems through Cardiology hospitals in Ahmedabad. The health centers are located in almost each area of Ahmedabad. Dr. Suresh Bhagia is an Interventional Cardiologist and Vascular Surgeon who has been practicing in Ahmedabad for 20 years, since 1995. He has given his services in abroad too and diagnosis in Ahmedabad is carried out with full caution and under the guidance of experts. According to Dr. Bhagia medical specialists in Gujarat, one should take diet low in unhealthy fats for heart problems. Unhealthy lifestyle has been reasoned behind cardiac diseases especially heart strokes, stated by the cardiologists in Gujarat. Dr. Suresh Bhagia is now also available for consultation in Godhra where he frequently visits.

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